The formation of Owl Genie Inc. occurred at the end of 2015.  We are very excited to offer world class website service and support to our current inherited customers from our consulting days, and look forward to attaining and servicing future clients.

So what’s the significance of the name: “Owl Genie” and why was it chosen for the company?  Well….Owl’s are highly intelligent  animals, and are typically active when other animals are asleep, while Genie’s are there to grant their masters’ wishes.  These reasons are in direct alignment with Owl Genie Inc.’s mission, which is to: “Deliver World-Class Website Services and Support with a Do Whatever it Takes Attitude.”

Owl Genie Inc. was formed for three main reasons: 1) To promote an honest, ethical, and compassionate approach to website service and support; 2) Taking a pro-active approach to fighting back against website hacking; 3) Offering customers essential  service and support post-development of their website.  Expanding on these three:

Reason #1: Approaching Website Support Different than Others
Our lives are now more full than ever and every minute of the day is precious.  No matter how good your day went, having to deal with the possibility of ‘taking your website to a mechanic’ so-to-speak is not very appealing, which is why Owl Genie Inc. operates with high integrity, ethics, and is sensitive to their customers, putting their needs first.  We are your partner and have proven ourselves trustworthy to all our past clients. We promise to avoid shortcuts, perform only essential tasks, and keep in constant contact communicating progress of work performed.

Reason #2: Pro-Active Protection against Hackers
On several occasions we have helped fix hacked websites.  We take hacking as a very serious matter and an invasion of privacy that is cruel, illogical and unethical.  There is nothing that gives our team more satisfaction than helping a client restore a website back to its original working state and then putting measures in place to prevent a chance of a repeat hack-currence.  So that your website is not subjected to a hack to begin-with, we encourage you to work with us and allow our assistance in pro-actively fighting back against web hacking through implementation of security for your website.  For WordPress sites, for example, that means filling over 100 security loopholes.

Reason #3: Essential Service and Support Post-Development
Keeping your website updated with fresh content is a must in today’s competitive landscape, and it’s one way to ensure your site stands out from the crowd. When was the last time you took 30 minutes to read through your existing site and make sure all of the information is still accurate and relevant to your current audience?  Our staff is passionate about helping to keep your website inline with the value it delivers. We take pride in performing high quality work and making your website reflect how great you and/or your business truly are and the value they add.

Our passion for your website is contagious and we look forward to working with you in the near-future – Thank You!