Website Security

Security is an often overlooked essential, critical to your online presence and personal/professional success. Our team of experts is eager to put all of the necessary measures in place for the security of your website so you can rest easy.

Website Maintenance

Maintenance includes performing regular backups of your website, updating its components, and scanning it for (and removing) any viruses, malware, spyware that may be found to ensure it is running optimally.

Website Updates

Performing regular updates of your website content to keep up with your latest happenings ensures your online presence continues to shine. Visitors are drawn to fresh and informative information, so let our experts assist with updating your website to keep it at its best.

Marketing & SEO

Let our experts assist with promotion of your website to the masses - we focus on several proven methods including social media marketing, blogging, video creation, and paid advertising campaigns. The world needs to know about you and your business/brand!


OwlGenie© was founded in 2015 after a six year period of good friends who became part of an independent technology consulting network that achieved stellar customer satisfaction while delivering on a variety of website projects. We realized it was time to officially come together as ONE company to focus on our main areas of expertise and offer clients stellar attention to detail and service for their websites in the areas of: Marketing & SEO, Security, Maintenance, and Updates(U).
  • 2018

    2018 Will Be The Year Your Website Sparkles!

    Our company is based on the principle "CUSTOMER is KING" - our #1 value is to treat every human being with whom we come into contact with respect, admiration, and empathy. Furthermore, we promise to treat every website as if it were our very own personal one. Doing business with us will be the best experience you will ever have, and that is our promise to you!

  • 2009

    We were born in 2009



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Select the Package that Best Suites Your Need. We Believe in the Importance of Giving Back To Others and so 10% of all our Profits are Donated to the Charity of your Choice!

Website Security Setup
One Time
Package Includes:
Hack Proof Your Website
One Time Backup/Restore
One Time Virus Scan & Clean
One Time Update to Wordpress/Add-ons
Preferred Charity(10% Donated)

Website Updates
Package Includes:
Content (Text) Changes
Graphics Changes
Navigation/Menu Changes
Updates to Forms
All Other Changes To Be Agreed
Preferred Charity(10% Donated)

Price Based On Hours

Our Clients

Echelon Doctors
Pathways to Learning
Law Offices of Gary R. Waitzman
Tuohy Law Offices
VP Logistics


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Birth of Owl Genie
Dec 1
Dec 1

The Formation of Owl Genie Inc. – Three Reasons we were Formed!

The formation of Owl Genie Inc. occurred at the end of 2015.  We are very excited to offer world class website service and support to our current inherited customers from our consulting days, and look forward to attaining and servicing future clients. So what’s the significance of the name: “Owl Genie” and why was it […]

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Security Top Three
Dec 170
Dec 170

Three Important Reasons to Secure Your Website (Before it is hacked)

So, what are the three most important reasons to secure your website today, and be pro-active, before your site’s information is hacked and compromised?  In no particular order: 1) To avoid the hassle of scrambling to find someone to restore your site at the last minute. 2) To have a trusted partner, us Owl Genie […]

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top three maintenance
Dec 180
Dec 180

Top Three Reasons for Maintaining a Website

There are many important reasons to ensure a website is being continuously maintained, but the top three are: 1) To avoid outdated versions of supporting software, which makes your site a target for hackers.  2) To have a fresh and current backup of your site stored in a safe reliable location for easy access. 3) […]

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top three reasons for updating
Dec 55
Dec 55

Three Important Reasons for Updating your Website Content/Blog

There are many reasons for ensure your website content is constantly updated and current.  Three important reasons are the following: 1) To take advantage of Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO), which allows your site to be indexed and found by various search engines. 2) In the digital age, customers look for value and connection; they want to understand […]

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